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The word ‘Pub’ comes from the phrase ‘Public House’. Traditionally in Ireland, a public house was a meeting place, where people gathered to talk about social and political affairs. With the introduction of drink, these public houses became more popular encouraging people to come, relax and socialise with members of the community.


Céol agus craic’, a phrase that is now known throughout the world describes a public house’s traits.


Céol’, being the Irish for music, was often provided by patrons who enjoyed playing Irish music on tin whistles, fiddles, accordions and bodhráns. Those that were often slightly intoxicated simply sang songs or told old stories.


Craic’, is an Irish word that describes the enjoyment, merriment and events of an evening at the ‘Pub’. Everything from dancing to telling jokes and stories is included in the word ‘Craic’. Nowadays, the same ‘céol agus craic’ can be found in Irish pubs everywhere.

Pubs are now primarily places where people come to relax and drink. Drinking has become a part of the times we live in. It helps to provide an escape from our stressful lifestyles. Laughter is the best medicine and you’ll always find fun at THE IRISH TIMES PUB .